Wednesday, October 7, 2015

To Peel Or Not To Peel.....

Skin is complex. Dry, oily, breakouts, wrinkles, blemishes – the list is endless – especially if you have multiple conditions going on all at once. Unfortunately, there is not one miraculous skin-care solution for any skin type. This is why treating someone’s skin must be well thought-out with a professional that can nearly see through the skin’s surface to what’s going on beneath.

There’s no better way to get to that surface than with a peel, but not just any peel – a natural, green peel that is designed to refresh and revitalize skin so it becomes “in harmony with nature.”

We are talking about The Original Green Peel by Dr. Christine Shrammek.

As with all of her services, Monique has the passion and ability to concoct ultra-healing solutions for all skin-care needs, and the peels she offers are no different. With the three unique peels that Dr. Schrammek offers – Fresh Up, Energy, and the Classic – no skin type will be left behind.

With every treatment, Monique says, “I design the peel for your skincare needs.” With Dr. Schrammek’s green peels, there are three masks that Monique can choose from, and, combined with other ingredients, the mask becomes very customized and effective.  Monique has been offering these peels for the past 10 years and says that they are all-natural with 39 different types of herbal compounds to work with.

Freshen Up Peel:
“This peel is for someone who looks tired and thinks, ‘I want something to brighten my skin and make it look alive,’” says Monique. Isn’t that something every woman wants? This is a more immediate-result type of peel for a special event or important occasion – and the best part? Your skin never actually peels off. This treatment will immediately brighten up your skin with essential nutrients and truly hydrate the skin. It also helps with preventing premature aging and loss of elasticity.

Energy Peel:
This peel is also so gentle that your skin will actually never peel. But the results are greater than a facial or other non-peel treatments, in that it promises to provide just what its name implies – energy.

This peel stimulates your skin’s circulation and metabolism and leads to a natural improvement in texture. It gives your skin what it needs to naturally renew its own cells. Monique says this treatment is used for impurities, scarring, or pigment changes in the skin.

The Classic Peel:
Used as the leading organic herbal peel for decades, this peel revives skin without the use of harmful chemicals. It is more of what most women think of as a traditional peel – where the top layers of skin actually peel and shed, revealing new skin beneath. Used for treating course pores, impure skin, skin in need of regeneration, sun-damaged skin, and skin with loose elasticity, this treatment covers most unwanted issues. It is a 5-day process, and by day 5, your skin will look new and alive.

Here’s what to expect:

Day 1: Monique creates the perfect, herb and mineral-rich mask for your skin type and massages it into your face. During this relaxing process, the outermost skin is rubbed away by the herbs’ microscopically small grains, leaving the skin below ready to absorb and your cells to regenerate.  It takes about three days for your skin to begin peeling.

Day 2: The redness from the peel has subsided and special lotions will be used at home to keep the skin calm, moisturized and protected.

Day 3: Peeling will become visible, and the severity of peeling will depend on your skin’s ability to regenerate. You will continue to use prescribed products to keep your skin moisturized.

Day 4: This is the best day to spend at home, as peeling will be very visible by now. Take it easy, and continue with products to ensure the best results on day 5.

Day 5: It’s time to go back to see Monique for your five-day, “beauty finish” follow-up.

So, the question of whether or not to peel comes down to this: a facial peel is one of the best, most rejuvenating things you can do for your skin.  “I can start to see results in the middle of a treatment,” Monique says. “Peels address everything.”