Monday, August 24, 2015

Meet Monique - Owner of Monique's Skin Care Boutique

Monique’s touch reaches far deeper than its physical implication. There is something about it, something full of intention, care, and an innate sense of knowing.

“I see every little thing,” says Monique, owner of Monique’s Skin Care in Poway for the past 24 years.

And what she sees often begins with her touch. The depth and intensity of attention she pays to each and every client begins when they step through the door; her smile is as warm as her handshake, which often reaches up the arm, to the elbow, and back down again. She is instantly feeling for the condition of your skin. What treatment would correct it? Her intense eyes scan your face and neck as she speaks. 
She is always looking.

This attention to detail, to every line and wrinkle and area in need of attention, are the non-physical touches that make Monique stand out. 

“I’ve always loved to be with people, to touch people, to help people,” she says.

This has become the foundation for the work she does, resulting in the most personalized care possible. Not only does she treat her clients from head to toe with an endless array of services, Monique uses a different blend of products and techniques on each client, depending on their needs. She asks questions, encourages clients to do the same, and educates them on exactly what they need to do to take care of their skin to bring it to its fullest, most beautiful potential.   

With a lifelong passion for helping others – she started as an RN and trained in Paris, France, to become an aesthetician – Monique has set the bar very high for her clients. She attends training at least once a year in different European countries just to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest products, treatments, and services on the market.

“They go very deep with details in their training, she says. “It isn’t easy or cheap, but I do it to bring the best, here.”