Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our Foot Treatment is the Start to Your Feet's Healing Journey

Walking out of your foot treatment at Monique’s Skin Care Center feels like you are doing so in new silk slippers. But not just any pair of silk slippers – the softest, smoothest, most velvety you have ever felt. 

But alas, these are your new feet.

The treatment itself has the same spa feel as all other treatments Monique offers, with sensational scents in the products they use, a peaceful service room, and gentle care given during every step of the process. 

It is a much more serene environment than a traditional nail parlor where pedicures are given, and the results are incomparable. In fact, one of the worst things you can do to your feet is get a pedicure, Monique says. The scrubbing and scraping they do simply deepens the callous of the heels, temporarily smoothing out the feet but, in the long run, ruining them.

The special German-made tools that Monique’s aesthetician Sarah uses during foot treatments are peaceful to the feet. Shaped like a small wooden paddle with a very fine surface used for gently exfoliating the feet, the tool removes all excess, dead skin, before the feet are wrapped in soaked towels that take care of the rest.

Sarah says the special, mild solution she places on the feet before wrapping a cool and then warm towel around them safely dissolves the rest of the dead skin. While it sits, she uses a loofah to exfoliate the legs with a relaxing leg massage before using the best moisturizing products to hydrate the legs and eventually the feet. The feet are rejuvenated and become as soft as baby’s skin.

Monique says she sees some of the most unkempt feet imaginable, ones filled with painfully deep, wide cracks and gashes. “Clients will come in sometimes with their feet wrapped in bandages because they are so embarrassed,” she says. But when those clients leave, those gashes are at the start of a healing journey.

Monique’s recommendation for people with feet in dire condition is to come in once a week for six weeks to receive this treatment, and follow up as needed afterward. These six weeks will give feet a chance to heal rather than simply remain masked by the damage that has been done. A good, hydrating moisturizer used daily at home between services will maintain the treatments until one is needed only every couple of months or so.

Monique says that our feet take the brunt of our every-day lives, and are often forgotten until they are in desperate need of repair. The best thing to do to keep feet as smooth as possible is to moisturize regularly and wear shoes outdoors. The dry climate we live in helps to keep feet in their driest, worst condition, so foot treatments are essential. And right now through the holidays, Monique is offering this foot treatment for $30 rather than $65, so it is the perfect time to start YOUR feet on their path to permanent recovery.

And if you don’t want to take the time to come in for this short 35-minute foot treatment alone, incorporate it into another service, such as a facial or peel, and be doubly spoiled!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Monique's Movie Star Spa Thermal Facial with Holy Water – As Heavenly As It Sounds

The products that Monique carefully hand-selects for her clients are chosen for their quality and their history – most have been around for many decades. Sothys is one of her go-to product lines, and this month’s special – the Movie Star Spa Thermal Facial with Holy Water using Sothys finest products – is as heavenly as it sounds.

This treatment is ideal and beneficial to the most sensitive, reactive skin. It is ultra-gentle and designed to leave all skin types feeling comfort and serenity. And it uses one of the earth’s most natural, calming remedies – water. But not just any water…thermal water, which is “active” and has scientifically-proven balancing properties.

Monique’s Movie Star Treatment uses water that comes from the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, a natural spring water with prodigious benefits. It is pure, with a low mineral content and a pH similar to that of the skin. Thermal water helps to rebalance the hypersensitivity of sensitive skin and reset its tolerance threshold.

Monique’s method with this treatment is as gentle and therapeutic as the rest. From the first time her hands touch your neck, shoulders, face, arms and hands, a sense of calm found nowhere else fills the body. The serene scents that come from this treatment – floral to earthy to fruity – consume the senses while calming music floats somewhere above.

And the holy water in this Treatment helps bring a calm that all bodies of water are known for. There is something about water that has the ability to take our minds to silent and peaceful places, drowning out internal chatter. From the moment Monique starts this process, this is where you are taken – to a an unearthly place that lets life leave for a bit; something we all need now and then.

Once you open your eyes from this faraway place, your skin is left feeling perfect balance between calm, clean, renewed, and noticeably alive.

And now there is a BRAND NEW Sothys treatment that lets you continue water treatments at home. It is a 2-in-1 cleanser that allows you to clean your face without the use of water. The water is in the bottle!

Simply pour it into your hands, give your face a little splash, rub with your fingertips, and dry off. No need to turn on the sink.  At the end of a long day, when all you want to do is a quick rinse before bed, use Sothys Eau demaquillante micellaire cleanser, and you will, once again, drift off to sleep to that place only a good product or a professional facial can take you.

As Monique’s aesthetician Sarah puts it, this month’s special facial and the new Sothys cleanser are game-changers for skin-care treatment. “You can see the results deep within the skin,” she says.